Web Application Development

Web Application Development

In this era of internet which has become the prime way to communicate around the world, most of the business realized this and are using it to take advantages of this new platform and promote their businesses. Internet comes with a wealth of opportunities for businesses to achieve excellent cost and time savings, sharing information and providing better services for their clients. One way of the best ways of doing this is through web apps.

A web application (web app) is a software application that is hosted on the internet and runs on a web browser. Web app is database-driven online applications which process data to serve various kinds of purposes. It allows automation of manual efforts with ease of usability and availability. It makes life easier, both for you and your customers – usually by automating a task that's time-consuming or cumbersome.

It can be a simple cost calculator, or a complex customer relationship management system. It could be something interactive, like an online virtual training classroom or an assessment system, or a social media tool, or it can be a content-sharing platform. It can be anything that meets a need.

The scope for usage of web apps is huge, they can be used internally to help your business improve tasks and processes or they can be used to provide excellent value and services to clients and users of your website. As an IT company, we understand what your growing business requirements are and give you a complete web application solution for it.

Moreover, a web app can be integrated with desktop software application, mobile application, or any other web app to provide more functionalities and automations.

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Services we offer in web application development

Ecommerce (Online Shopping Cart)

Ecommerce is a way for buying or selling products and services over internet. It just likes a shop/business on internet where customers visit and can place order for a service or product.

Customized Web App

Web applications make your business run smoother as your company can gather all the data required with the help of a web app and strategize business and marketing plans and generate more profits and revenues. Custom web application development means developing web apps according to the custom requirements of your company. For instance, your company might want to determine how many people prefer a particular brand, so your company might launch an online poll in the form of a web app on the website. This will help your company to obtain the necessary information you seeks and therefore determine marketing strategy on these lines. With custom web application development, it is possible to automate some parts of the online business and spare some time for business owners to concentrate on matters that need more attention.

Steps we follow in web app development

  1. We carefully listen to your requirements and plans for your business.
  2. We will provide you a proposal including estimation of the cost and the time required for development.
  3. Once approved by you, our development team will start to analyse your given requirements thoroughly and study your business needs, and produce development blueprints (SRS).
  4. Under the guidance of our Team Leader, our development team will start the web app development according to the development plan and time schedule.
  5. After the coding phase, we will dedicate our efforts on the testing to minimize errors in the application.
  6. After regress testing, we will up your web app on internet.
  7. During all stages of the software development project lifecycle, we will keep you updated about the progress of the development through e-mail and phone.
  8. We will provide you 6 months free support for any kind of update and error removal in the web app.

Our web app development package includes

  • Unlimited design concepts – provides you different design concepts (templates) to choose from.
  • Cross-browser compatibility – it doesn't matter the browser you use, you website will look fabulous
  • Responsive Web Design – no matter which device is used for browsing your website, your website design will never break and always looks attractive.
  • Creation of clean code in accordance with developer's guidelines and industry set standards.
  • Integration with other applications.
  • A full range of web app development services – from performing standalone low-level tasks to high level web app by creating it from scratch.
  • Lower cost of website designing.
  • Domain and Web hosting registration
  • Free Support & Maintenance for 6 months.

Web app development technologies used by our team

  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Aptana Studio
  • Paint.NET

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